Your white paper should follow this format: Title Revisit the title you provided

Your white paper should follow this format:
Revisit the title you provided in Week 1. Reflect on how and in what way(s) your title may have changed or shifted. Thinking about these changes and shifts will provide you with some important insights about the development of your research ideas and goals.
This section provides the background contextual information required for the audience to grasp the problem and, ultimately, the solution or resolution to that problem.
Problem Overview
Your problem statement specifies the issue the white paper will address. The problem needs to be clearly defined and placed within a context to ensure that it is clearly understood by the reader.
In this section, it is essential that you support your problem overview and statement with research-based evidence.
Ensure the statement of the problem focuses solely on the problem.
Purpose of Study
•The purpose of this study is to determine how administrators can effectively measure and track the impact of the pandemic on middle grades learners.
In this section, you present your solution to the problem by clearly and persuasively explaining how the problem can be addressed and resolved. Including your research questions will further solidify the study’s purpose.
Your research questions should not elicit a yes or no response.
If your proposed study uses a quantitative methodology, include hypotheses.
Ensure the purpose of the study focuses solely on the intent of the study.
Research Questions
Ensure the research questions directly address the purpose of the study.
This section summarizes the white paper’s major ideas and key takeaways. Here, you can also provide recommendations based on the solution. Think of what you want your reader to walk away with: What is your main message?
Length: 6-8 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 8 scholarly sources published within the last 5 years; additional research also may be included as