Your other assignment this week, the Unit 3 Individual Project, asks you to loca

Your other assignment this week, the Unit 3 Individual Project, asks you to locate 1 source that you could use to convince someone else to take up a hobby or interest of yours. The purpose of this Discussion Board is to help you find and evaluate that source to determine whether it is credible, meaning trustworthy or reliable.
If you have found a source already, respond to the following:
Do you think your source is credible? Why or why not?
Consider what would make this a more credible source (e.g., a more current date, a clear author, a noncommercial Web site, and so on). Why do you think this would make a difference?
When you use research to support your writing, it is important to cite your sources. Citing your sources means that you list specific information about them for your audience to understand where the words you are quoting or the ideas you are presenting came from. There are several reasons that you should cite the sources that you use to support your writing, the most basic reason being that it is the right, or ethical, thing to do.
In addition to being the ethical thing to do, giving credit to others for their words or ideas can benefit you as a writer. Respond to the following:
Discuss 2–3 ways that citing your sources can help you as a writer.
Go ahead and try citing your source for the Unit 4 Individual Project in your post.
List both the full entry that you would put on the References page as well as your in-text citation.