Your final critical paper will expand on the movie you worked on for your oral p

Your final critical paper will expand on the movie you worked on for your oral presentation. Students *cannot* change movies. I recommend continuing working on the same topic (or a very closely related topic) you chose for your oral presentation assignments. Your topic should not be broad but rather *narrow* and *focused* nor should it depart too much from the theme and argument you developed in your oral presentation. Clearly identify the critical stance you have chosen to argue your thesis. Underline your topic sentence in the introduction.
Your paper will be 8-9 pages double spaced regular margins (excluding your bibliography). Five points will be deducted for each page falling under the 8-9 pages count. Integrate your critical or research sources clearly throughout the argument you are making. Include and use filmic elements (language, techniques, etc.) to reinforce your analysis.
For this critical paper, select a critical approach to treat and frame your paper. Your critical approach will *not* be the same as the one you picked for your film project on Rules of the Game. List of possible critical approaches: formalism (*not* mise-en-scene but movie genres, mythology, narration, editing), gender studies, psychoanalysis, sociology, reception/audience theory, philosophy, history, etc. It is important to consider how your critical approach is going to weigh on the way you analyze your movie.
Scholarly bibliography:
a) Scholarly sources related to the chosen critical approach (books and articles). At least three sources.
b) Scholarly film sources (books and articles) related to your movie (context, scholarly readings of the movie, etc.). At least four sources
c) Additional sources/references will be listed separately
Please watch the film Beauty and the Beast (Jean Cocteau, 1946). I linked the movie. This final critical paper is the final part of a project I have already been working on for this course. Please listen to my presentation that was uploaded. I had to analyze the movie and come up with a theme. It is Very Important to watch the film and listen to my presentation in order to do well on the paper. My teacher is very strict on plagiarism.
movie link: