***Your draft and peer reviews are done in this discussion. Draft and Peer Revie

***Your draft and peer reviews are done in this discussion.
Draft and Peer Reviews, 30 points
There are Two Deadlines:
Working Draft: 6/25 by 11:59pm
Peer Reviews: 6/27 by 11:59pm
NOTE: In order to participate and earn points for peer review YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR DRAFT ON TIME. If you post your essay late your group members do not have to give feedback.
Post your essay as a .doc, .docx
There are no partial points, so be sure to follow all instructions and complete the assignment entirely. I will not accept any late work.
Essay Draft, 15 points
First, review the Essay 1 Prompt
Your working/rough draft must be AT LEAST 1,100 words
Your draft should have (at least) a thesis and body paragraphs. If you have an introduction and conclusion that is fine, but you must have at least a thesis and body paragraphs.
Post your draft of Essay 1 in your group discussion by 6/25 by 11:59pm
Peer Reviews, 15 points
Peer Review Workshop Guidelines:
After the deadline for submitting drafts is past, read your peers’ essays.
Write at least 250 words for EACH essay you review and post your reply by 6/27 by 11:59pm
Follow these guidelines:
Read the draft slowly. Read multiple times.
Find the thesis statement. Does it directly respond to the prompt question? Is it too brief/vague? Is it a run-on sentence? Give advice clearly and completely.
In the body paragraphs, look for transitional words and phrases that help connect ideas. There should be a clear & consistent structure in each paragraph to help you see the writer’s reasoning. Explain where transitions are effective, and where the writer needs to use or change transitions to keep you on track as you read.
Does the writer provide evidence/quotes for every topic/subtopic? Is the evidence cited correctly? If the quotes are longer than 2 sentences, what part of the quote might be edited out?
Does the writer provide analysis after each quote, explaining why the quote is significant, how it illustrates the subtopic, and connects to their thesis? Check to see if the analysis is longer than the quotes. If not, how might it be developed? Make suggestions.
Make sure to reread your critical sentences and advice to make sure your tone is polite and helpful (vs. rude and mean). We want to maintain an environment of respect and support in our workshops in order to encourage a growth mindset—everyone has to work at improving as a writer; let’s please encourage and support each other through any frustration that may come up during workshop weeks.
For every criticism you give, provide specific advice for what your peer could do to revise. The goal after you read your peers’ responses on your draft is to feel energized and excited to revise, filled with plenty of ideas about what and how to edit.