Your assignment: Write an argumentative essay of at least 1500 words backed up w

Your assignment: Write an argumentative essay of at least 1500 words backed up with documented research.
Required Preliminary Steps:
• Brainstorming for original narrowed controversy
• Research question and tentative thesis statement
• Working bibliography
• Outline
• Draft
Organizing Using the Classical System
1. Introduction
• Gain reader’s attention and interest
• Establish common ground with readers
• States or implies your thesis
2. Background Presents any necessary background information, including pertinent personal narrative
3. Lines of Argument
• Present good reasons (including logical and emotional appeals) in support of your thesis
• Generally present reasons in order of importance
• Demonstrate ways your argument may be in a reader’s best interest by giving specific evidence
4. Rebuttal
Responds to alternative points of view. As a writer representing a position, you cannot assume that your reader knows your entire argument, including the counterargument. (You however should be well aware of that!) It is beneficial to acknowledge the other side in your paper. Here’s why:
o You reduce your vulnerability – It makes sense to acknowledge opposing points of view to show how well you’ve investigated the topic and how well you know the issues.
o You distinguish your position – By citing the opposition, you clarify the differences between your own position and your position.
o You can refute the opposing views – If you find evidence that disproves it, use it!
o You can also challenge the opposing view’s logic, demonstrating whether the reasoning suffers from logic.
o You might be able to challenge the evidence supporting the opposing view – If possible, try and point your unreliable, unrealistic, or irrelevant evidence offered by the opposition.
The refutation will most likely be done before your concluding section. However, some writers will refute before starting their own lines of reasoning or possible even throughout the body of the essay.
5. Conclusion
• May summarize the argument or elaborate on the implication of your thesis
• Makes clear what you want your readers to say or do
• Makes a strong ethical or logical appeal
Source Requirement: You need to make direct use of at least four print or database sources through paraphrase, summary, or direct quote. You can also supplement with credible internet sources. The best way to show a reader you have control over the sources is to paraphrase and summarize. Tag phrases will be used to integrate the sources into your essay. Your essay needs a Works Cited page and parenthetical documentation.