YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS TO PASS THIS CLASS. Discussion Assignment: Referencing th

Discussion Assignment: Referencing the ROME mnemonic listed below, submit a discussion post supported by at least one reference explaining the significance of the following lab results. Submit your results as your discussion contribution.
In this week’s reading material, you are learning about the importance of acid-base balance in maintaining homeostasis. The acid-base balance must be maintained within a narrow range in order for the body to function normally. Please read over the following case study to address the questions below. Please reference the ROME mnemonic listed below as needed. Don’t forget to cite your sources!
Mrs. Breathless is a 45-year-old female nurse with a history of asthma. She reports to the ED in the early morning with shortness of breath, blurred vision, headache, and restlessness. After several laboratory tests, the following ABG (arterial blood gases) lab results are confirmed:
Blood pH=7.30
PaCO2 = 46 mm Hg
HCO3 = 24 mEq/L.
Based on the results of her ABG, which acid-base imbalance is Mrs. Breathless likely experiencing? Justify your answer by referencing the ROME mnemonic.
What is the underlying pathophysiology of this disorder? What type of compensation is likely to take place?
Why do you think Mrs. Breathless developed this imbalance? What are some of the contributing factors leading to this?
Respiratory Opposite: When pH is up, PaCO2 is down = Alkalosis, When pH is down, PaCO2 is up = Acidosis
Metabolic Equal: When pH is up, HCO3 is up = Alkalosis, When pH is down, HCO3 is down = Acidosis