You have reviewed the movie “Precious” as part of class for SOC 425. You should

You have reviewed the movie “Precious” as part of class for SOC 425.
You should have viewed the movie in light of the abuse and neglect
depicted in the movie and the multidisciplinary response to the abuse.
Throughout the course, you have acquired the necessary information to
analyze Precious’ case and the investigation. To complete the case
study, students should compile a final, comprehensive report detailing
certain aspects of the case and investigation. This should not be a
written recap of the movie; rather, your report should provide your own
assessment of the case as if you were a part of the investigation. The
written report should be completed in APA format and be 4-7 pages in length.
Address the following points within the report:
Define and document Precious’ abuse and /or trauma she experience in
chronological order (specifically identify the type of abuse displayed
in each instance).
Identify all of Precious’ formal and informal supports.
Identify the “red flags” (risk factors and maltreatment indicators)
of Precious’ abuse. Document any concerns you may have had with
Precious’ home or school life. Identify at least three strengths you
observed in Precious and her family.
Select a role on a multidisciplinary team. (Education, Medical,
Social Work or Police). Include a brief analysis of how your discipline
responded to Precious’ needs.
Identify what you would have done differently from the perspective of your discipline.
You can think of the following as a list of sections/headings for the
report (or you can use this as a sort of checklist to ensure that you
hit the highlights).
* Brief case summary (3-5 sentences identifying the victim, alleged perpetrators, and general abuse scenario)
* Abuse/trauma experienced (in general chronological order – either
chronological overall or chronological within the category of abuse –
depending on how you organize the report)
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Psychological Maltreatment
Witness to violent scenarios
* Red flags (indications of abuse that could/should have been identified by people within the case)
* Specific home-life concerns
* Support mechanisms present
Formal supports
Informal supports
* Strengths within the Precious case (positives in Precious’ life
that can be leveraged to assist in surviving the abuse and realizing a
positive outcome)
* MDT response
Identify your role and discuss how that role responded in Precious, including positive and negative aspects.
Discuss what you would do differently from your MDT perspective in the Precious case.