Write a 10- to 12-page essay. Select a topic that intrigues you from the followi

Write a 10- to 12-page essay. Select a topic that intrigues you from the following list,
or suggest your own. If you want to write on a topic not listed here, get your instructor’s
approval first.
 social norms
 individualism vs. collectivism
 social exchange
 how salience and accessibility
influence information processing
 how cognitive heuristics
influence social judgment
 cognitive reappraisal
 looking-glass self
 social comparison
 self-presentation
 the principle of attitude
 sleeper effect
 cognitive dissonance
 impression formation
 attribution bias
 culture and conformity
 informational social influence versus
normative social influence
 social power (French and Raven)
 communal and exchange relationships
 attachment style
 altruism
 the social psychological variables that
influence helping behavior
 emotional vs. instrumental aggression
 how the social situation influences
 social identity and group influences
 social loafing
 group polarization and individual decision
 social categorization
 reducing discrimination
 strategies for producing cooperation
 The structure of the essay is of your choosing. You may present an argumentative,
comparative (compare and contrast), persuasive, reflective, or research easy. This is an
upper-division course. This flexibility affords you the opportunity to explore newly
acquired concepts and write a paper meaningful to you (e.g., career interests, personal
 Leverage the writing of the essay to showcase effective communication of social
psychological principles and applications relevant to your selected topic.