When conducting a literature review on a given topic, researchers look for place

When conducting a literature review on a given topic, researchers look for places where the articles overlap and converge. Perhaps several studies focus on the same segment of the population or garnered similar results on a practice approach. These areas of overlap then become the themes you will address in your literature review. These themes can even provide the topical structure for the review itself, becoming headings to organize your written analysis. The first step after you have gathered your articles, then, is to re-read the articles and jot down the main themes and subthemes you see emerging. What do you notice?
For this Assignment, you begin to craft your literature review by developing an initial outline, based on themes you have drawn from the studies.
Submit a 1-page annotated outline that includes thematic headings you have drawn from the literature on your topic. The outline must include at least four of the peer-reviewed research articles you found. Make sure to include appropriate APA citations and a reference list.
**********I have attached the references all ready to be used for the outline in documents***************
Writing an Outline:
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This week, read pages 71–85.
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