What is the moral status of capital punishment? Is it morally right or wrong? Ho

What is the moral status of capital punishment? Is it morally right or wrong? How should we think about capital punishment morally and why? Is capital punishment the only form of just punishment for certain crimes? Is it in principle acceptable but in practice unacceptable? Should we oppose it because we’re bound to make mistakes or are there reasons for opposing it even if it would always be used as intended (i.e. even if only the guilty get executed and it is fairly distributed)? Make sure to reference van den Haag and Bedau (attached). Taking such a position is not the same as taking an extreme position—you do not necessarily have to fully endorse or fully condemn. You may wish to take a strong stance on one or other side of a debate but you do not have to. If you think that there are things to be said for and against a view and that neither side in the debate is to be favored entirely, then you do not have to force yourself into defending a position that you are not actually convinced of. Having said that, whatever view you take, remember that this is still an argumentative piece of writing. So, you must give your reader reasons to accept the conclusion that you favor. This essay is a return to applied ethics. Once again, we are discussing something that is of very immediate concern, and which is hotly debated outside of academia. You should use the van den Haag and Bedau to inform your argument but your essay should not be simply a matter of replying to them. 5 PAGES PLUS BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGE. TIMES NEW ROMAN ,FONT 12