Week 7 Written Assignment Rubric Paper Option Quality of Content (80 Points) ___

Week 7 Written Assignment Rubric Paper Option
Quality of Content (80 Points)
___/80: A concise, precise, and analytical overview has been presented regarding the impact of technology on allied health education.
Quality of Writing (20 Points)
___/5: Format – Text meets APA/MSE standards.
___/5: Organization – Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking. (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).
___/5: Precision – Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.
___/5: Mechanics – Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly.
this is the RubricPaper or Presentation-Instructional Methods
Assignment Delivered as a 5-7 page formal paper (APa format) with a minimum of 6 references or a PPT in Collaborate (6 references)
The field of allied health teaching and learning has been transformed by educational technology. The allied health educator has numerous technological innovations to be employed in communicating, supporting, and reaching the community. This was never more apparent and important as it was during the past year with institutions moving to an online format during the pandemic.
For this assignment, consider the following questions:
1. What are the technological facilities and resources available to the allied health educator, and how is each one of these methods and strategies used effectively?
2. What are the advantages and limitations of each method?
3. What technological innovation or resources in education have impacted the allied health field the most?
4. What is your experience with technology in the allied health field?
I need this 5-pages APA Format with 6 references pls and I need it on Sunday on the 26th