Week 4 Signature Assignment: Patient Education Video Due Jun 5 by 11:59pm Points

Week 4 Signature Assignment: Patient Education Video
Due Jun 5 by 11:59pm Points 400 Submitting a text entry box,
a website url, or a file upload
For your signature assignment, you will create a 3-5 minute
patient education video. The video is intended to be a teaching tool that you
could use for a patient and family who is newly diagnosed with a chronic
condition. Your video should incorporate the role that Social Determinants of
Health (SDOH) (Links to an external site.) play in their health outcomes.
Your video should take into account literacy levels,
ensuring it is easy to understand and can be comprehended across all
demographics and socioeconomic statuses.
Select one of the following diagnoses: Major Depressive
Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension,
or Obesity.
Create a patient education video using an innovative
platform such as Powtoons or Biteable. The video should include:
A description of the diagnosis and common symptoms using lay
A holistic treatment plan that includes: One medication and
one evidenced based non-pharmacologic treatment that is used for this
diagnosis. Briefly explain how each will help the patient
As a provider briefly outline how you will assess SDOH in
your plan of care (i.e. through motivational interviewing, engaging community
health workers, etc.). Briefly explain how different SDOH can affect the
patient’s health outcomes (housing, transportation, food security, healthcare
Appropriate resources for patients to get further
information and/ or support
The last slide should include your references
Include a minimum of 4 evidence-based articles to support
your presentation that are 5 years old or less