VI) Choose one of the following questions and write your memo in 3-5 pages. Your

Choose one of the following questions and write your memo in 3-5 pages. Your answer must be in continuous prose, structured, and cited. Be sure to address all sub-questions in your response.
Question 1
Do you see Andersons’ concept of “white space” as a continuation of Du Bois’s conception of “the color-line” or a significant change in the relationships between the races?
“One thing, however, seldom occurs: the best of the whites and the best of the Negroes almost never live in anything like close proximity. It thus happens that in nearly every Southern town and city, both whites and blacks see commonly the worst of each other.” (Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk, p. 126). Explain this quote from Du Bois, and his overall view on race-relations.
Do you agree or disagree with Du Bois’s statement mentioned above?
Question 2
“Depending on how well the black person performs or negotiates, he or she may “pass inspection,” gaining provisional acceptance from the immediate audience. But others there may require additional proof on demand. In public white spaces, like upscale shops or restaurants, many blacks take this sort of racial profiling in stride; they expect it, treat it as a fact of life, and try to go on about their business, hoping to move through the world uneventfully. And most often, with the help of social gloss to ease their passage, they do (E. Goffman 1959); however, on occasion, they experience blatant discrimination, which may leave them deflated and offended. White salesmen, security guards, and bouncers repeatedly approach black persons with a disingenuous question, “Can I help you?”” (Anderson, “The White Space,” p. 13)
Use one of Du Bois’s most prominent concepts to analyze this situation from Anderson’s article.
Explain the role of the “iconic ghetto” in Anderson’s larger argument?
this is the rubric!