Unit 10 Assignment: Azure Endpoint Protection Outcomes addressed in this activit

Unit 10 Assignment: Azure Endpoint Protection
Outcomes addressed in this activity:
Unit Outcomes:
Examine how to implement advanced threat protection.
Examine the cyber kill chain.
Course Outcome:
IN203-5: Assess endpoint protection and vulnerability management in the Windows environment.
In this assignment, you are going to explore what endpoint protection resources are available to protect their VMs.
Assignment Instructions
Go to A Cloud Guru. Open the Playground tab, select Cloud Sandboxes, and select the Azure Sandbox. Log on to the cloud resource. You will need to click the “Create Resource” button. Select “Security”. Search for “endpoint protection”.
Review all the options that are available for endpoint protection. Research two items available and compare their benefits to your security. Write a minimum 1-page paper outlining their advantages and how they will keep your cloud assets secure. How does this solution fit in to an overall defense-in-depth strategy?
Assignment Requirements
Your assignment should be unique and in APA format and fulfill the minimum length requirements. Written work should be free of spelling, grammar, and APA errors.
For more information on APA style formatting, go to the writing resources found in the Academic Tools area of this course.
Also review the university policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.
Directions for Submitting Your Assignment
Compose your assignment in a Microsoft Word document. Save it as IN203_YourName_Unit_10 and submit it to the Dropbox by the end of the unit.
Use Microsofts websites to get info on Azure endpoint protection