To cultivate critical analysis and digital literacy skills, you will create a mu

To cultivate critical analysis and digital literacy skills, you will create a multimedia text to share with the class. You must combine at least two or more kinds of media (video, images, music, spoken word, etc.) in a project that brings together topics from our readings with your own strengths and interests. Whichever kinds of media you choose, your project must demonstrate a clear connection to our readings (in terms of the topics explored; you need not bring in the readings directly). You will need to be able to explain that connection in terms of both subject matter and formatting choices. Your goal is to educate a public audience about a topic related to WGS and illustrate its relevance to your life and the lives of others.
Digital storytelling combines video, images, music, and spoken word to tell a story in a short video. In your 3+ minute video, you will create a spoken narrative and a visual narrative that are complementary to each other but that could also each stand alone. Digital storytelling is an active and creative learning process that engages the experiences, skills, and funds of knowledge you have brought to our class. Through discussing, analyzing, and reflecting on your lived experiences, you have the opportunity to produce new social, cultural, and historical understandings of topics related to our readings and the topics they address. For digital storytelling examples, see the examples below.
In a separate paper of 250 words of more, you will explain the relationship between the text(s) and your project. This should include justification and evidence for the content and creative methods you choose. This essay gives you the opportunity to analyze, interpret, and reflect upon what you have created and the process of creating it. Please do not summarize or retell what you have already told us in the creative project. Considering the text(s) to which your project is connected, reflect on the choices you made, why you made them, and how you shaped your project for a public audience. For example, if you used a particular song in the background of your video, why did you select that song, and how is it meant to increase the impact of your video? If you used black-and-white or included spoken poetry or children’s literature or a symbol, etc., how did you hope that choice would impact your audience?
To share your project with the class, please upload your video to YouTube (unlisted is fine; we just need to avoid the playback issues that come with posting different kinds of video files). For sake of accessibility, you will need to include captions or a transcript of your video (YouTubewill do this for you, if you enable it). Then submit the link to your project, your methodology paper, and any additional information we need to understand your text to the Digital Storytelling Project Discussion Forum and the Digital Storytelling Project assignment page. The forum allows your classmates to see your project, and the assignment page allows me to grade your work using the rubric below.