This section is an essential piece of the program plan. As presentations are ma

This section is an essential piece of the program plan. As presentations are made on programs, and as programs are implemented, monitored, and evaluated there will be many occasions where those involved will want to refer back to goals and objectives. The details for preparing goals and objectives are included in Chapter 7. Please refer to chapter 7 if you need more clarification. The following content should be included in the goals and objectives:
1. Introduction to Program Plan and Hypothesis
An opening paragraph should set the stage for this section of the plan. In this Paragraph, you should focus on the higher-level statements in your program. hypothesis – what it is that you hope to do through your intervention. (The program hypothesis is introduced in Chapter 6.)
2. Goal Statement
Write one goal statement that meets all the specifications for a goal statement as
mentioned in Chapter 7 and that will cover the entire program plan.
3. Outcome Objectives (This is just an example template used from the book. Refer to chapter 7 for clarification. I do expect at least 3 overall main objectives wih 2-3 “intermediate outcome objectives” for each main objective)
List your objectives under these headings:
Final Outcome Objectives (List at least 3 outcome objectives)
1.0 By (date), to ……………….
2.0 Continue with all other final objectives
Intermediate Outcome Objectives (for each final outcome objective, there should be at least 2-3 intermediate outcome objectives)
1.1 By (date), to …………………(again, include all 5 parts of a complete
objective; use a numbering system or some other method to make clear
which intermediate outcome objectives are related to which final outcome
1.2 Etc…..
2.1 This intermediate outcome objective, for example, would be related to
final outcome objective 2.0