This project will relate to the concept of the sociological imagination pioneere

This project will relate to the concept of the sociological imagination pioneered by C. Wright Mills. The concept relates to viewing the world through a sociological lens in which we see individuals not as separate from society, but as a part and product of that society and its historical moment.
You will construct a timeline.
Choose either one parent’s side of the family, or more if that suits you.
You will place your family history on the top side of the timeline.
You will place social history on the bottom side of the timeline.
For your grade, write two pages to complete the project:
One-page describes the concept of the sociological imagination. (25 points)
One page explains how the social context/ history helped to shape the personal, biographical side of the timeline. (25 points)
*If you would like to complete the timeline based on a historical figure or someone you know, that would work as well. Do NOT primarily discuss the way a historical figure changed history; the project must address the way social history also impacted the individual. Do NOT choose Abraham Lincoln (*automatic 20 point deduction).
Your timeline will help to capture the important events in your personal life, or the lives of your older relatives, that helped shape their lives, and subsequently shaped the life you had. For instance, did an older relative move a long distance or migrate? Did an older relative experience a war or major social upheaval? Was a parent–or you yourself–impacted by the Great Recession of 2008? Consider social events and how they interacted with you and your family’s lives, and how those are related. There may be easy-to-recognize direct impacts of social events (a parent losing a job in 2008 during the Great Recession) or we may have a harder time drawing direct links. That is not a problem; we are talking about social patterns, and you can do the timeline even if you cannot see direct links between social history and your life or the lives of relatives.