This is an odd request but I have had luck here before with some of my other hom

This is an odd request but I have had luck here before with some of my other homework assignment so I thought I’d give it a try. I am taking a class that is the very last class that I need for my bachelors to be able to graduate. It is essentially just us helping our professor by practicing research. I don’t think I am very good at looking stuff up and I have a lot of life’s things on my plate so I could use a bit of help. Below is literally all he instructed us to do.
Look up every bird species that display “head up” or “bill raising” behavior. (Phoenicurus Phoenicurus —— P. Palustris).
I believe the reason that he wants us to look up this is because that this is a behavior that has an unclear purpose. After compiling a few articles he then wants us to create a documents that summarize what they say in specific reference to the “head up” behavior. I already have 3 of articles from a previous order that was summarized. I can attach those as well so you are not doing the same ones as before. There were a number of bird species in the paper that he wrote and he divided them up among all the students. The link below is the notes for the necessary files of the bird species that I am responsible for. So just to be clear I need three additional articles that are peer reviewed for you to summarize specifically focusing on head up behavior or bill raising behavior from any of the specific species that I am responsible for (they are highlighted).