This assignment will be a Nurse in an Acute Care Hospital setting on a post surg

This assignment will be a Nurse in an Acute Care Hospital setting on a post surgical floor. There are 27 private rooms and the patient population is 18 years to 100 plus years of age. The Units Surgical patients are various in nature but are not in the hospital more than 5 days. The current rate of Urinary tract infections (UTI) infection is 65%.
Here is the Scenario: You are working on a surgical unit. Over the past few weeks, you have noted your patients are having complications with urinary tract infections (UTI). You have shared your concerns with other nurses and they also mentioned that they have seen an increase in their patients being diagnosed with the same infection.
This assignment will require you to write up a formal APA formatted paper outlining your plan using the PICOT model on how you would go about starting a Nurse Driven Protocol to lower the UTI rate on this unit.
Here is a simple outline that will help you write this paper.
APA opening statement ( Introduction): state the purpose of the paper .
State the question or what is the issue that need further research and support to create a positive change ( PICOT)
P: Population/patient – age, gender, ethnicity, individuals with a certain disorder
I: Intervention/indicator (Variable of Interest) – exposure to a disease, risk behavior, prognostic factor
C: Comparison/control – could be a placebo or “business as usual” as in no disease, absence of risk factor, Prognostic factor B
O: Outcome – risk of disease, accuracy of a diagnosis, rate of occurrence of adverse outcome
T: Time – the time it takes for the intervention to achieve an outcome or how long participants are observed
Discuss the Role of the nurse or the nurse researcher in this situation and in general terms
Discuss the importance of acquiring data ( literature search)
Discuss the importance of evidence-based practice (EBP) articles.
Discuss the benefits of : Quantitative or Qualitative research and how it was helpful in this situation
Summarize your above discussion findings
Present suggestions for further research
Reference Page – Please, include 3-5 peer reviewed scholarly references with this submission.