The summary itself will include the following: (Note – if the article involved m

The summary itself will include the following: (Note – if the article involved more than one experiment, you can either choose to focus on one of the studies specifically or summarize the general design for all of the studies)
1. Description of the overall purpose of the study (this can be as little as one sentence, and no more than 2 sentences)
2. Type of study (Was it experimental or correlational? How do you know?)
3. Variables:
1. What were the independent and dependent variables? Be specific with these. Define the terms independent and dependent variable and make sure to identify how they are operationally defined in the article)
4. Participants:
1. How many were there? How were they recruited?
5. Method:
1. Was there random assignment to groups?
2. What did the participants do in the study?).
3. How was data collected (online, in person, archival data, etc.)
6. Note the findings (What were their results/findings?). Don’t include the statistical analyses that they did, instead, focus on the overall interpretation for these findings.
3. References – 1 page (.5 points)
• Provide the reference for this article in proper APA format (see the book Chapter 14 for appropriate referencing guidelines or the Chapter 14 powerpoint).
• If you cited other sources during either your summary, reference them as well (though you do not need to cite other sources in this assignment – this is merely optional IF you happen to bring in other sources). Formatting counts here, so make sure to italicize where appropriate and watch which words you are capitalizing!