The Single Index Model (SIM) is one of the cornerstone models in asset pricing.

The Single Index Model (SIM) is one of the cornerstone models in asset pricing. The objective of this project is to use Excel to test the implications of the SIM. A sample of the excel file will be provided. In this sample file, the SIM will be estimated for one company. Then we will use this developed excel file to extend the test for two companies and conduct a comparative analysis. The two campanies that we use are Walmart Inc and Apple.
Your report should:
Outline the method and data used
Evaluate the findings
Discuss the implications for asset pricing
Evaluate the findings
Discuss the implications for asset pricing
A high standard report will:
provide clear, concise explanations
provide critical analysis rather than a description
incorporate both theory and evidence in your analysis
use appropriate scholarly research
recommend strategies for investors
1,500 words is the maximum length of the report. A 10% tolerance applies. Tables, diagrams, and appendices are allowed and are not included in the word count; however, they should be used sparingly and all key arguments must be in the main body of the report.
you are expected to write in complete sentences and well-structured paragraphs with introduction and conclusion sections. Headings and subheadings are encouraged. The coursework must be presented in PDF or Word format.
You should use Times New Roman 12 point font, setup your page size to A4 paper, 1 inch (2.5cm) margins from each side (top, bottom, left, right), 1.5 line spacing, justified margins with footnotes on the same page rather than endnotes. Use the same paragraph format throughout. Number all your pages, tables and diagrams sequentially. Tables and diagrams must have a title and relevant description. Graph axes must be clearly labelled. Readers should be able to understand all tables and diagrams without referring to the main text.
There should be at least ten references in Harvard formatting with the references at the end of the document at it should not be the footnote. Also, the excel sheet for the assignment is attached so there is no need to create a new excel sheet and please use this excel sheet to do all the analysis and evaluations.
Also for the data and methods it should be 2000-2021 data. Also for the regression there should be summary statistics and the regression equation for the scatter plot should be given, thank you.
Please find attachment 1 as the excel sheet for the for the evaluations and results
For the evaluation part there should be a discussion about the R-squared, RMSE, beta=significance, intercept, total risk (systematic risk and idiosyncratic risk) < kurtosis/ skewness Please find the second attachment and divide your work into those the six sections and the emphasize should be about the results section where you make a similar table and provide an explanation document into how this table is done.