** The service learning project focuses on progressing the fine-motor skills and

** The service learning project focuses on progressing the fine-motor skills and socio-emotional development of preschool age children (3-5 years old) through an activity where these children will use their fingers to paint their emotions.
1. Literature Review
Write a literature review regarding the theory and concepts that you will use to frame the project by reviewing relevant empirical research.
You should aim to gather information on what the developmental and/or educational research has to bear on your identified need and potential project. This review should be used to help you better understand your project topic as well as gain insight into potential intervention practices.
** The literature review should include references to a minimum of 1 theoretical source and 5-6 peer-reviewed empirical research articles. The literature review does not merely summarize each individual reading. Rather, the literature review must synthesize major themes/ideas addressed across readings.
You may consider using headings and sub-headings within the literature review.
2. Theoretical Framework
Discuss at least one relevant theory or theoretical approach that guides the development of your project materials. (materials being finger paint, waterproof smock, large sheet of paper, and cleaning materials such as sponges, water bucket, and towel to dry)
3. Project Significance
Briefly overview your project and describe the significance of your project for addressing a need within the target population. ( Target population: The preschool children at ASI Children’s Center)
The entire literature review will be approximately 4-5 pages. I have included a sample essay as an example.