The R2 Project Outline Topic: What is driving inflation? What is the best solu

The R2 Project Outline
What is driving inflation? What is the best solution?
Write a rough draft for the R2 project based on your research.
Construct an accurate formal outline of your rough draft.
Construct an accurate Works Cited page of the sources you plan to use.
A minimum of four (4) sources is required.
Your formal outline should consist of:
-The thesis of the paper, clearly labeled and written out. This is the main of idea of the entire paper, and clearly answers the research question.
– Topic sentences, denoted with capital Roman numerals. You will have one topic sentence for each body paragraph. The topic sentence is the main idea of its body paragraph, and relates
to the thesis.
– For this outline, all sentences should be complete sentences.
The Works Cited page is an alphabetical listing of all the works which are cited in the paper. Proper formatting is important. Be sure to look up how to format your Works Cited page using the most recent MLA guidelines for formatting.
See the example on ( R2 Outline Assignment Sheet.docx )
Grading Standards: Your paper will be graded on format, structure and evaluation of the sources
listed on the Works Cited page. Sources will be evaluated based on these criteria: authority, depth, timeliness and citation. One of the main things you’ll be graded on, for the final draft, is source
evaluation. Using Google scholar will make your job so much easier!
The outline should contain the main ideas (the skeleton) of your rough draft, but it should not be
based on your first rough draft. It should probably be a third or fourth version of your original draft. You will be able to revise both the outline and the Works Cited page before you submit your final