The Previous Topic I Chose Was Criminal Reform Attached is the annotated bibliog

The Previous Topic I Chose Was Criminal Reform Attached is the annotated bibliography That Was Used
Preliminary Draft – Historical Policy Brief (100 points towards Final Grade) – Due Week 6:
Assignment Directions: As part of your Applied History Project, the third assignment requirement expects students to complete a preliminary draft or outline of their Historical Policy Brief using academic sources from the last 6 weeks. At this point, students should be familiar with their selected policy and its consequent challenges. Through academic research and independent analysis, this preliminary draft should include a title, summary of policy, historical background information, an assessment and a final policy recommendation. Students may submit an outline draft or narrative draft for review. Either way, your draft should follow the structure below and include the following subheadings. These subheadings should be included in your preliminary draft and final draft.
Assignment Requirements:
Historical Policy Brief – Preliminary Draft:
Your draft should include a title that addresses your policy
Short Introduction
Offer a quick intro to your policy (no more than 3 sentence) that includes your initial (or revised) policy question.
Share an overview of the policy you researched
Discuss associated challenges/concerns
Historical Analogues and Context
Identify precedents or analogues
Provide background of historical policy
Establish origins/root causes of key events
Determine outcomes or consequences
Evaluate how and why polices evolved
What lessons were learned
Policy Recommendation
What sorts of actions would you recommended?
Should include no less than 6 academic sources, three of which should be primary and three of which should be scholarly secondary sources from the UMGC library. Chicago citation style required.
Submitting Your Work: Students can submit their work under Historical Policy Brief – Preliminary Draft directions. Click on this assignment, scroll to the bottom of the page where you see “Add Attachments,” and then attach assignment here. Students can also submit this assignment through the Assignment tab. Students will also see the rubric attached to this assignment. Please make sure to review the rubric before submitting your final draft.