The film is located on YouTube at INSTRUCTIONS – TH

The film is located on YouTube at
DUE DATE: You have until July 3 at 11:59pm to upload your report.
LENGTH: For a total of twenty points, you should write a full page of notes in single spaced 12pt type. If you choose to double space, then two pages will be acceptable. Of course, you can write more if you want. Assume that writing half the requirement would net you just 10 points.
FORMAT: You can write an essay or you can arrange your information in an outline format. Just try to avoid single sentences without much details.
STATISTICS: The numbers of meth users, crimes they commit, arrests, etc. are terrible! Show me that you understand how bad the statistics are by writing about them in your report.
THOUGHTS/FEELINGS: What do you think of the people featured in this documentary film? It’s okay if you’re grossed out and disgusted. It’s okay if you don’t feel sorry for them. It’s also okay if you have sympathy for the addicts. I’m not grading your report on how you feel but I would still like to know. What do you think about the meth dealers and manufacturers? Do you think there is any hope for these people? Do you think our experience with meth has made it less likely that drugs will be legalized in this country?