Submission – via online Word Count- 20 min presentation. 1. A presentation is t

Submission – via online
Word Count- 20 min presentation.
1. A presentation is to be undertaken for Assessment 3.
This can be a video
recording of you presenting the power point, or a voice recording
attached to the power point, a video of a role play, or simply an audio
2. No transcript is required to be attached.
. If you provide a PowerPoint, please only put the important points on
your power point and then discuss these in your presentation.
This assessment is not marking your PowerPoint, but in fact your verbal
discussion only.
5. Please upload two files:
1 file for your presentation and 1 file for your
reference list.
What do I discuss?
1. 3 separate Digital Technologies need to be identified.
Discuss the technology used by health professionals, patients, and
consumers -this must relate to the
3 chosen technologies.
What type of
technology is it? Why is it used and how is it used?
3. Benefits and Challenges for each technology MUST be discussed.
4. Consider and discuss the Digital Technologies from an Age perspectiveIe Child, Adolescet, Older person. What age group do these
technologies best suit and why?
5. There is no word count for this presentation, however there is a minute
count. 20 Minute presentation only.
6. Literature must be up to date (within 10 years) and appropriate to the
digital technologies you have chosen.
7. Pictures, diagrams, graphs MUST be referenced in your reference list.
NUR252 Assessment 3
8. Full reference list needs to be included at the end of the power point.
APA reference list is compulsory.
9. Good quality evidence is required in this assessment- Peer reviewed
Literature, Government websites can be used.
10. Presentation should be 20 minutes long. NO longer than 20 minutes.
Creativity is the key in this assessment, be creative.
Please note: If you present a power point, no specific Fonts or sizes are
required, however please do NOT use light or white colored writing. Make
sure the writing can be seen clearly if you are recording yourself presenting
the power point.
Relevence An understanding of different digital technology is important in nursing. The ability to
compare and critically discuss technology highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of
both allows the nurse and healthcare consumer to make informed choices. Person-centred
care should guide the nurse in their engagement with healthcare related technology to
ensure that the patient / person is not lost. The opportunity to communicate through
presentation allows students to expand their skills in communication and build skills that
can be used in their career.
learning Outcome 3
Evaluate and compare different informatic tools currently used in order to improve health
Learning Outcome 4
Demonstrate an introductory understanding of the opportunities and challenges digital
technology creates for health professionals, and patients and consumers across the lifespan
in diverse population groups.
Task Instructions Students are to provide a digital presentation that compares three digital technologies
used in healthcare to improve health outcomes. The presentation should include:
1. Benefits and Challenges of three digital technologies
2. The use of technology by health professionals, patients, and consumers across the
3. Reference to literature to support
The digital presentation can be a video, or a power point presentation that the student
narrates. It is important that the student speaks about their work and discussion. Students
should draw on literature to support their work and utilize current government and health
agency documents to support their presentation.
The video should not exceed 20 minutes and students are to ensure that their audio is clear
and that the video works. Failure to do so may result in no marks being awarded.