Strategic Management Scenario Project (GEA 2) Strategic Management Scenario: Ass

Strategic Management Scenario Project (GEA 2)
Strategic Management Scenario: Assume you work for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a
large US auto manufacturing company. As a strategic analyst, you have been assigned the task of
assessing a new market. Currently your company utilizes varying competitive strategies depending on
the car brand (best cost, differentiation, etc.). As part of your firm’s “Green” growth strategy, the CEO
would like you to assess expanding into the golf cart industry industry based on the seemingly popular
trend of personal golf carts. Because this is a potential new market for your company, you will need to
consider many strategic issues. For example, is this an attractive market to enter? If you enter the new
market, what competitive strategy should your company use to compete in this new industry? Related to
that, you will need to consider whether a new brand is needed for this potential product division. Also,
how would you distribute and market these vehicles? These and many other factors will require research
and consideration.
Pre Report Analysis
Using cross discipline knowledge you have gained from prior courses, analyze the golf cart
manufacturing industry and describe what is required to compete successfully in this
industry. This should include discussing the overall growth of the market, the varying
segments of the market (based on sales or volume), top selling brands and strategies used,
and if available, the demographics of the buyers in the various segments, etc.. This should
be about 2-3 pages.
The Pre Report Analysis should be included as an appendix in the back of the report and
thus will be submitted at the same time as your report.
The report should be 5-7 pages and double spaced. Include a title page and table of contents.
Carefully address the questions below. Keep in mind the non bolded question are general Gen Ed
questions for university curriculum assessment. The bolded question are specific to the scenario for
this project and that is what you should address and answer. In other words, by answering the bold
questions you are answering the more general question but with more specificity relative to the given
scenario. So you only need to address the bolded questions.
What do you see as plausible decision alternatives to the business scenario you have been
provided? Describe at least three alternatives; each should be discussed in detail and address
different stakeholder perspectives.
Specifically, in this scenario, is entry into the golf cart market industry a viable alternative?
If so what competitive strategies (see Ch 5) are plausible for entering the golf cart
manufacturing market? Discuss two possible strategies and defend why each would be
What would be the implications of each decision alternative? Describe any ethical implications
associated with each of the decision alternatives.
Explain the implications of each plausible competitive strategy approach. Specifically,
consider the following. How would each strategy impact supply decisions (ex. source of
supplies, quality, and cost)? How would each strategy impact forward channel activities
such as distribution, branding, advertising, etc.? Are there any ethical implications
associated with these decisions? Consider factors such as safety, impact on the natural
environment, as well as outsourcing abroad to name a few?
What should the strategy be so that the company is best positioned under each decision
Which decision alternative do you recommend and why? In other words, should the
company expand into golf carts, and if so, what competitive strategy should be used?
Regardless of your recommendation to diversify or not, make sure you fully describe your
choice of competitive strategy and explain why it is the optimal solution if the firm does
decide to diversify. Make sure you defend your decision to expand (or not to expand) and
your choice of competitive strategy that would work the best (regardless of your expansion
As implications of your recommended decision, what are the actions needed in the next year for
each function in the company: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Technology, Operations,
Describe the impact of your recommended competitive strategy on how various functional
area strategies should be performed. For example, how would operations/manufacturing
be dealt with? Would new supplier relationships be needed to make golf carts? Would
marketing/advertising strategies need to be adjusted for the new product relative to the
existing automobile products? Should the company rely on a current brand name to
leverage sales? How would the company distribute and sell the golf carts? Should a new
network of cart specific dealers be created or should they be sold at existing car
After completion of this assignment you will be required to seek feedback on your assignment from
someone with an appropriate level of business/industry knowledge. This could include a fellow
classmate or anyone with management/business experience. However, make sure they understand
this scenario, the five competitive strategies, and the concept of a value chain. You will then be
required to submit a reflection paper on what you would do differently based on the feedback they
provide. In this reflection paper you will clearly document the questions/comments received from
the reviewer and how you might consider changes in your report based on that feedback. Your
reflection paper should be 1-2 pages and be included as an appendix in the back of your report.
Formatting of Project
The entire project should be well-written, typed, and double spaced (Times New Roman font size 12 with
1 inch margins). You should also include a title page and table of contents which does NOT count
towards the page requirements of the Report. Large amounts of copied or quoted material, project
guideline questions, and adjusting settings in Word (like line spacing, margins, font size, word spacing,
etc.) will also not count towards meeting the page requirements.
Project Recap
Based on the above guidelines, here is a recap of what is due for this assignment:
1) 2-3 page Pre-Report Analysis (see middle of page 1of these guidelines)
2) 5-7 page Report (see pages 1-2 of guidelines) – please note the four questions that must be addressed.
3) When you submit the report, you should also add the pre-report to that file in the back of the paper.
Note: the 5-7 pages for the report is in addition to the 2-3 pages for the pre-report analysis.
4) No Presentation Required
All three of the above items are due no later than the due dates listed in the syllabus.