Selected Case: Hicks v. City of Tuscaloosa, 2017 WL 3910426 (11th Circuit, 2017)

Selected Case:
Hicks v. City of Tuscaloosa, 2017 WL 3910426 (11th Circuit, 2017)- Pregnancy discrimination
Research the selected case and develop a business report and presentation to describe the form of discrimination to senior leaders using the case as your foundation. Your business report and presentation should serve to inform and provide training. A one page executive summary highlighting key information should be included with your business report.
Business Report (8-12 pages- include a cover page and reference page)
1. Executive summary: Key information and data related to the topic
2. Introduction: Include a summary of the history of the legal action, including information regarding the company, the lawsuit and the HR policies/or actions which contributed to the legal action.
3. Relevant Data: Discuss similar cases, the outcome of those cases, and any current policies in the workforce that help in understanding the case. Reference financial impact of discriminatory practices associated with your topic.
4. Analysis: How does the case impact policies that your company should follow? What is the greater impact on HR policies as a whole?
5. Conclusion: Provide a summary of your information and explain how the decision in this case impacts companies.
The presentation should be 8-12 minutes in length providing executives and senior leaders with key information and data about the topic as well as provide them with training on handling the particular topic. Be creative with how you present the training. Provide a link to your presentation