Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980 and then re-elected in 1984. Many of

Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980 and then re-elected in 1984. Many of his decisions and policies would reshaped the world both in terms of policies related to foreign affairs and in terms of domestic policies related to the economy of the United States. When we ran for office in 1980, Ronald Reagan was a creditable member of the Republican Party. It was not always this way. Prior to entering politics Ronald Reagan was an actor and as such he was a supporter of the Democratic Party. As the 1960s began to unfold, particularly near the end of the decade, Reagan switched parties. In doing so, he gave a very important speech in 1960 known as “A Time for Choosing.” This speech was presented by Reagan to support Barry Goldwater as the Republican candidate in the 1964 race for president. Goldwater’s opponent was Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was a very strong advocate for his Great Society programs to help the poor. Both Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan were opposed to the approach that Johnson and other Democrats were using to help the poor. In the speech, “A Time for Choosing,” Ronald Reagan argues against a socialistic approach to government and argues that the will of the people should not be overlooked.
With this in mind, you are going to embark on the Historical Character Paper. The speech that Reagan gave in 1964 catapulted his career and outlined what his policies would be as governor of California and later as President of the United States. Your assignment is to create a 600-800 word paper in response to Ronald Reagan’s speech. In creating your response you should address the prompt that follows:
In his 1964 speech, “A Time for Choosing,” Ronald Reagan made a definitive stand against socialism and the welfare state when he argued that such philosophies and programs went against the grain of what the United States was founded on. Ronald Reagan’s ideas as presented in this speech shaped the United States in some fundamental ways moving forward. Ronald Reagan’s ideas regarding the socialist state and welfare are…
You need to take a stance in favor of what Reagan had to say or against what he had to say.
In particular, you need to support your stance with evidence that will give the reader insight as to the credibility of your argument.
As you begin to research this particular topic and prompt, be sure to watch his speech in the video presented below. I have also uploaded a link to a PDF version of the speech, a PDF with a summary of the speech, and a PDF of an outside assessment of the speech.
After viewing the video and/or reading the speech be sure to see additional instructions below.
“A Time for Choosing”–PDF of The Speech Download “A Time for Choosing”–PDF of The Speech
“A Time for Choosing”— Summary of the Speech Download “A Time for Choosing”— Summary of the Speech
Remembering Reagan’s Defining Speech.pdf Download Remembering Reagan’s Defining Speech.pdf
As you construct your paper, be sure to cite the video and the three PDf files in Chicago Style.
I would encourage you to include additional research in the process of creating your argument. For example, it would be good to research on the web what Lyndon B. Johnson had to say about Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.
I would also suggest digging into the Great Society Program in a much more in-depth manner. Look at what historians have had to say about the program.
As you dig into additional sources, be sure and cite those sources from which you use information to create your paper.
Formatting regulations for the paper
Use footnotes throughout to cite where you retrieved your information
Use Twelve-Point Font Times New Roman
Be sure to include a cover page.
As stated earlier, be sure to include a bibliography citing the video, the PDF version of the speech, the PDF version of the summary of the speech, the PDF regarding “Remembering Reagan’s Defining Speech” and all other sources that you use to construct your paper.