respond to the following Questions. Reminder: Organize and express your thoughts

respond to the following Questions. Reminder: Organize and express your thoughts and ideas in paragraphs with an introduction, body and concluding paragraphs. Be complete and thorough in your response. Define the term Social Science and explain how & why the study of this discipline is relevant and important to current students at Institutions of Higher Education. Provide appropriate examples when necessary.
Explain the historical & societal developments associated with the Origins of Humans and the development of human societies. Discuss how & why these developments are linked, by scholars, to Africa? Why, in addition, do scholars argue that human beings are social creatures?
Define the term civilization? Discuss how and why the domestication of plants & animals and the control of land are important early steps in the development of civilized societies. How did civilization influence the relationships, good and bad, among differing groups of people in human societies?
Identify & discuss, at least, five (5) of the major contributions of one (1) of the following cultures & civilizations: Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley Civilization, Greece or Rome had on human societal development.
What is meant by a Revolution in human society? Discuss the Industrial Revolution.How did this development allow for major changes in Human Society? Discuss 4 (four)of the major social, economic, political and cultural changes occurring in human society as a result of the Industrial Revolution?
Discuss the meaning of the term “Family?” How & why is “The Family” regarded as the most important social unit in societies and communities everywhere? Explain how and why the concept of family has been changing over the years? Discuss.
Define “Religion.” Discuss the importance, relevance & role of religion in the lives of human beings, over time. Also, discuss its impact, positive and negative, on the human experience and in societies? Provide examples where appropriate.
The Justice System in these United States of America has repeatedly been hailed as one of the most admired in the world. Why has that conclusion been reached? Is the system of justice in the United States fairly and consistently applied to all cultural groups in the American society? Explain & Discuss.
What conclusions can be drawn concerning the progress of education in the United States over the past 100 years? What still remains to be done?
Identify, at least, 5 (Five) functions of Government. Identify and discuss (3) threedifferent types of governments in the world and explain how and why Governments have become such powerful institutions in the societies they serve. Provide examples.
As an “Eyewitness to History,” discuss how and why the elevation of Kentanji Brown Jacksonto the United States Supreme Court is a significant development in the history of society in the United States. Explain why some members of the United States Senate voted against this nomination, despite its historic nature.