Research the Conspiracy Theory of (Vaccines are harmful). Keep in mind that you

Research the Conspiracy Theory of (Vaccines are harmful). Keep in mind that you want to start with credible sources of information but because of the obscure nature of the topic, you may find your information from some more ‘interesting’ sources. I am ok with you looking at sources that may not seem traditionally credible (like blogs, wiki pages, Reddit) but use your media literacy skills to decipher which information is more credible than others.
For this assignment, all I want is to answer these questions about (Vaccines are harmful) topic.
1. What is the historical background of your Conspiracy Theory:
When was your Conspiracy Theory established?
Who is responsible for establishing it?
Explain the Conspiracy Theory. Has the theory evolved over time?
Has your Conspiracy Theory been debunked?
Who is involved in the Conspiracy Theory?
2. How was persuasion used to perpetuate your Conspiracy Theory in the media:
What types of people believe or get involved in your conspiracy theory?
How was the message of your conspiracy theory passed along?
Has social media impacted this Conspiracy Theory?
3. Personal Reflection on the Conspiracy Theory:
Why did you choose this Conspiracy Theory?
Do you believe this Conspiracy Theory?
Provide your personal reflection on the things that you have discovered through the process of researching this