Research Paper: Students will be required to write a research paper on a DSM-V

Research Paper:
Students will be required to write a research paper on a DSM-V
recognized psychiatric disorders. Topics will be selected by the halfway point
of the semester. Each student will email me their top three choices and then I
will use random assignment to select an order and assign topics. This method generally allows everyone to
cover a topic they are interested in without having any topics repeated. Below is a list of DSM-V recognized disorders:
· Agoraphobia
· Anorexia Nervosa
· Anti-Social Personality Disorder
· Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
· Autism Spectrum Disorder
· Bipolar Disorder
· Borderline Personality Disorder
· Bulimia Nervosa
· Catatonic Schizophrenia
· Disorganized Schizophrenia
· Dissociative Identity Disorder
· Generalized Anxiety Disorder
· Major Depressive Disorder
· Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
· Paranoid Schizophrenia
· Social Phobia
· Somatoform Disorder
disorders may be chosen with the permission of the instructor
· The paper must be written in APA
style (see BB link for directions on writing in APA style as well as a sample
APA style paper). It must be 4-6 pages in length, and this page range does not
include the required cover page and reference page. With the cover page and reference page the
paper should be between 6-8 pages (no abstract is required however).
· Papers without a cover page and a
reference page will be subjected to a 15%
grading penalty.
· All information must be linked to an
in-text citation and a reference using APA format. Any paper that does not use in-text citations
is subject to a minimum 20% grade
· The paper must be typed in 12 point
Times New Roman Type Font and must be double spaced. Papers that do not use the correct font and
spacing will receive a 10% grading
· Papers must be submitted as a pdf. Any
papers that I cannot open will receive a grade of 0.
· Each student must submit an original
paper, written in their own words.
Students may not collaborate with other students on the content of their
paper. You may not use quotes in the
paper, instead paraphrase and then cite appropriately using apa citation
rules. You may not copy any text,
pictures, graphs, figures, or other artwork into your paper.
· You must use a minimum of three
sources for this paper. These sources
may and should include: your textbook, the DSM-V, and a peer reviewed journal
articles. In addition to these you may
also use additional materials reviewed and approved by you instructor.
· . Late papers will not be accepted
Students that commit
plagiarism will receive a failing grade for the course and will be reported to
the campus dean of students for possible disciplinary actions.
SCCC website link to policy:
The paper must contain the following sections
(along with an appropriate title and reference pages):
Section 1.
Introduction – a brief overview of what the paper will present/discuss
2. a. description of the disorder, b.
symptoms of the disorder, c. DSM-IV or DSM-V criteria for diagnosis, d.
prevalence of the disorder.
3. Causes of the disorder
4. Psychological or medical (drug)
Section 5.
Long term prognosis
Please note that the paper must be written
in APA style and format. Guides and links to writing in APA format will be
available during the semester. Also see
the following site for APA questions
The research paper will count as
twenty (20) percent of your overall grade.