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The article Robots at the gate had many valid points and made great examples for readers to follow, I’d have to say I do agree with the authors assertations. Robots will not outsource humans and their jobs they will in fact create more, these collaborative robotics is just showing us that we are now living in the future we once read about. Following the robotics in the work place will then come the new norm of autonomous factories creating more advantages in the marketplace. “But new robots could move production back to the U.S. without driving up prices. Bringing such factories back home could reduce costs throughout the supply chain, with less money spent on over­seas contractors, shipping, and foreign taxes. That means greater profits–and still giving consumers a break on price.” (Webb, 2022) These robots will work together just as we humans do. However, in our current “normal” work space there’s usually one human doing 6-8 task well now it’ll be multiple robots spreading this work out getting it finished. Ultimately these robots are working 24/7 without breaks, and pay this is something humans can’t do which I see as another advantage. Robots are going to be the lifesaver so duties aren’t going undone.
Recent Artificial Intelligence advances and machine learning are being made feasible via the confluence of three strong tech-driven factors: the rapidly economic digitization, that is creating trillions of gigabytes of data annually (and increasing); the decreasing cost of storing all that data; and an explosion in ever cheaper, ever more strong computing power. Technology can assist in preventing humans from repetitive work task that aren’t beneficial, and allow the focus to go on the more important things. “A 2020 World Economic Forum report predicted that robotics and automation would displace 85 million jobs globally in the coming five years. Yet, it also predicted that the technologies would create 97 million new jobs—generally ones requiring more skills and education.” (Captain, 2022) These robotic machines are picking up everything us humans do how we act, think and work once they can have that down pact humans can focus on the more rewarding task at hand. Ultimately, “machines are much better than humans in deterministic tasks involving process-oriented and quantitative reasoning skills, but humans are far better in more ambiguous cross-functional reasoning skills tasks.” (Uria-Recio, 2020) Humans in certain ways have a higher power robots as innovation continues to provide enhancements and all upgraded technology don’t always come with good effects.
Robots and humans in the workplace is something humans will have to adjust to as this is our future, I don’t see either of them phasing out anytime soon as technology continues to grow. In my opinion robots and humans need each other in some way shape or form and each make good co-workers to one another.