Provide a full response to the exercise below. List all assumptions used to dis

Provide a full response to the exercise below. List all
assumptions used to discuss the case study. Provide evidence and instances from
the case study, along with real-world or makeup examples to support the argument:
This topic is strictly about Information Technology Project Management
Please use source the source attached.
1) Describe in detail, 12 planning processes that Moore Edition Books might have implemented for each of its projects. (use pages 106-107 Table 3-7, which states all planning processes. Other examples of planning processes are strategic planning SWOT pg 156, and Quality planning pg 332)
Mini-Case Study:
Project Management at Moore
Edition Books
Moore Edition Books is a publishing
firm started by Bret Moore and Jamie Kerr. At the start, Brett oversaw the publishing and printing of the
books, while Jamie managed editing, sales, and marketing for the company. The company introduced new, advanced technologies,
and some innovative & creative publishing techniques, which help them land
two large contracts and made them very profitable in their first two years of
In year three, the
business was contracted by a large university
to develop their eBooks. The company then hired several part-time
employees to help with the increased publishing business. But, by the end of that
third year, Moore Edition Books started experiencing several major problems, which resulted in a loss for the year.
The issues included:
• Ineffective employees due to poor
• Late delivery of the eBooks to the
• Additional money and time spent fixing
product defects due to poor quality
• Failed control cost measures
The issues at Moore Edition Books did
not improve. As new resources were hired, business continued to drop. Several
projects failed due to poor estimates. The university customer was unhappy as
their eBooks were delivered two or three weeks late for the start of the
Moore Edition Books hired a full-time
project manager, Alison Lee, to help them address the challenges the company
was facing, especially problems with their projects. In meeting with Alison,
Brett and Jamie outlined the problems they were having both with their projects and
operations. Brett and Jamie recognized that Alison was a certified
project management professional, had great interpersonal skills, detail-oriented, and an excellent communicator. All
skills that they think make her a perfect fit for the company and the
Upon her initial assessment, Alison
noted that Moore Edition Books lacked a disciplined project management approach.
She observed that projects were being completed with a project plan in place,
they did not use any project software for managing and tracking the project. The
project teams did not use any project management tools, techniques, standards,
or best practices in some key activities. Management had no standard process to
manage critical project areas.
Within three months, Alison implemented formal project management
processes, created a PM manual, and trained the project teams on the processes
and procedures. Alison got all
projects back on track and things moving in a positive direction.