PROMPT: ◦Please select a specific aspect of informal cities – in work, housing,

◦Please select a specific aspect of informal cities – in work, housing, or built environment – to explore and analyze further. Consider following one or more of the following questions in your exploration. What characterizes the daily lived experience of this aspect of informal cities? How do people working or living in this aspect of informality see their reality? What about it is valuable or perturbing to them? What does this tell us about how informality shapes society? Or What does it tell us about the possibilities for society to shape informality? What are the challenges or social justice issues that people confront in this aspect? What possibilities for change or movements to for social justice have arisen to address this aspect of informality? What tensions and/or limits of or within these movements do you see? What do the movements, or your further research reveal about the forces and structures that create and/or constrain informality?
◦Write an 8-10-page research paper on a topic of your choice related to informal cities that includes an Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion – Content, and Conclusion. Look at the slides from week 13 for suggestions on how to approach your paper. The evaluation guide (rubric) can also be instructive. The audience for this paper is the instructor.
◦Must use descriptive headings, for example, but not limited to: 1) Introduction, 2)Literature Review, 3)Discussion & Findings, 4)Conclusion