Project – The project is designed to serve as a pitch to potential investors/st

Project – The project is designed to serve as a pitch to potential
investors/stockholders/lenders about financing your proposed strategies for Moderna,
the pharmaceutical giant, over a 5-year period planning period with 2022 being the base year,
and the 5-year period through 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027. In addition to developing your
strategies for increasing Moderna’s competitive advantage, it is important that you
develop real financial projections that reflect the revenue and cost projections associated with
your proposed strategies. The financial projections need to be included and explained as part of
your video presentation.
You will need to research quite extensively, including periodicals, company directories,
industry forecasts and rankings & ratings, as well as statistical reference indices. You will need
to secure the company’s latest Annual Report and Security Exchange Commission (SEC) filings.
The projected financial information needs to clearly delineate the assumptions, calculations and
competitive actions based your analyses. The objective of these financial projections is to have
you lay out a financial blueprint for what you believe Johnson & Johnson needs to
do to continue to be successful in a globally challenging industry
Each individual’s YouTube video must be professionally produced with PowerPoint slides to guide
potential investors/lenders (and me) through important points throughout your video
presentation (there is no need to submit a separate PowerPoint slideshow with the YouTube
video. All members must present. I expect that your presentation will be
informative, interesting and professionally compiled and delivered. I will evaluate the visual, as
well as the content elements of your video.