Prepare a research proposal for research project on an issue that interests you.

Prepare a research proposal for research project on an issue that interests you.
You will be expected to draw on the material in the module when formulating your research
proposal. You are free to develop a proposal on any topic but what will be key is that you
demonstrate how you will follow general principles of good practice when it comes to
research design. You are free to pursue any methodological approach, but you must draw
on the research methods discussed in this module. For example, you can pursue a purely
quantitative study design or a mixed methods approach, namely a mixture of both
quantitative and qualitative research methods. This work should be independent of any
work you do on other modules, e.g. literature reviews.
Your proposal should include the following:
1. TITLE: Your title should give a clear indication of your research question
Rationale: Give a clear and concise explanation as to why your research question is
Background: This section should include a short literature review of key papers in this area
and/or a summary of key developments in the field of research. Specify exactly how you
will contribute to this literature.
You should demonstrate how this project would follow general principles of good practice.
This of course depends on the nature of your proposed research project. Some things you
might include depending on the topic include:
If pursuing a quantitative study
– What type of data you are using: If primary then some useful things to highlight
may be your strategy for collecting data; if relying on surveys then the structure of
some of the key questions may be useful etc.
– If you propose to use secondary data then clearly describe the dataset used, and
the variables within that dataset that you are particularly interested in. Explain why
the dataset is suitable for answering your specified research question.
If pursuing a qualitative/mixed methods study
– Outline the type of data you propose to collect, e.g. interviews, focus groups and
how you propose to recruit participants.
– Purposive sampling, e.g. the rationale behind the selection of participants in your
proposed study
– Clearly specify your proposed analytical approach, e.g. descriptive
analysis/inferential statistics, multivariate regression analysis, Diff-in-Diff, content
analysis etc.
– What are the strengths of your proposed research design for answering the
specified research question? What if any limitations exist?
You should include a list of references to key articles and texts discussed within your
research proposal. You can follow any referencing style but you must be consistent