Post a thoughtful response to the assigned readings for Module 7 Content, Part 1

Post a thoughtful response to the assigned readings for Module 7 Content, Part 1 or Part 2 by answering one or more of the Reading Guide Questions (see below). In order to receive the full 5 points for this Reading Response, your reading response should meet the following specifications:
Copy and paste the question you are responding to at the top of your submission
Respond in complete sentences and at least 150 words
Reference 1 or more of the assigned readings from this module by listing the source titles and authors at the bottom of your submission (sources do not have to be in APA format). For example: Win win Blue Harvest Providing Solutions that Help Cooperatives Get Back on Their Feet While Protecting Water by Maren Barbee. To find this information on the titles and authors, you can use this list of coffee readings posted on the course site.
Submit by 10 am on the day of your Live Discussion Section
Reading Guide Questions (choose one question from Part 1 or Part 2):
Module 7 Content, Part 1:
What are the biggest development needs in the coffee sector?
What are some effective ways that these needs are being addressed? How could it be done more effectively?
Module 7 Content, Part 2:
How does access to credit (financing) differ along the coffee supply chain and why? What are the primary constraints from the supply side and the demand side of the credit market for smallholder coffee farmers and cooperatives?
Using information from the readings, what are some of the reasons why smallholder coffee farmers need credit? Explain in detail how coffee farmers could improve their production from environmental, economic, and social standpoints with increased access to credit.