please write the sections base on the attached file 1- ontext for Research Quest

please write the sections base on the attached file
1- ontext for Research Questions: ( 2 pages)
The first step in presenting the results to the research questions is to remind the reader the context for the questions. When the research question was established, the researcher has a particular aim and scope in mind. In Chapter Two the literature review provided a foundation for what is known about key areas of the study. Using the foundation established in Chapter Two provide an introduction for each research question and include context for the range of possibilities in response to the question using the literature presented in chapter two. From the context are the statistical results or themes.
2- Presentation of Results : ( 13 pages)
The presentation of the results for the research questions will follow your description of the participants and location. Present the results in response to specific research question one. Provide the context for the research questions. Assert predominate results or themes in response to the questions and then present in that order. Note themes generally emerge in more than one way. Clearly show the themes or responses that are predominate. Over half of participant indication is needed to establish a theme (ie: 5 out of 8). As you present the results present a Discussion of each Result that includes a brief interpretation of the results to give the data meaning. Use the doctoral project template to present the results.
Submit paper for presentation of Results for each of the Research Question One, Two and Three.