Please view the attached videos – “Social Psychology: Chapter 3 (Social Cognitio

Please view the attached videos – “Social Psychology: Chapter 3 (Social Cognition)” – Parts 1, 2 & 3 (approximately 60 minutes in total). These video/lectures are from a Psychology course. You have a chapter on Social Cognition (Chapter2) in your textbook. After viewing these three lectures, has any clarity been added to your viewpoint concerning social cognition?
I stated in my first introductory announcement that an Interpersonal Communication class has a bit of philosophy, psychology, and sociology in it. You now have two perspectives of social cognition: one as we view it through communication and another from psychology. Can you see how the two subjects converge on this topic and how understanding each component gives you a clearer idea of what social cognition entails?
Please discuss your thoughts and post them by the due date. REMEMBER, you also need to respond twice to others’ comments at some point during the term. You could comment on this one and then the second one or you can skip this one and do the next one. You just need to respond twice to two different posts during the term.
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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: