please respond to post: McDonalds use their marketing by magazines, TV ads , and

please respond to post:
McDonalds use their marketing by magazines, TV ads , and billboards. When the people see the big yellow “M” they’re ready to see what is next to it whether it is a new juicy delicious burger , fries, milkshake, chicken sandwich or may be an ice cream. all of this could be advertised on the value dollar menu. The value menu is called the “catchy eye”.
McDonalds always find new ways to market themselves and to gain more money. In my opinion, the eye catcher for the children is the big yellow “M” sign . They then look at the building and see a nice big color with a playground included; so of course they will beg their parents to take them. Once the parents give in now we got them. Once the kids are done playing, the parents can feed the whole family. Fortunately this is how McDonalds make huge sales.
In my opinion, the type of strategy they use is leadership and international market expansions. I say leadership because the corporate office team that sits in their office and come up with new strategic ideas everyday. The leaders are a successful part of the group. They pass information down the chain until it reaches the actual franchise businesses where they act on it wisely and update the handbook.
McDonalds is one restaurants that has a variety of items for a small price. Looking at the commercials, you will see a huge burger with juice oozing from it with cheese melting everywhere. To see food with that kind of attraction on TV, I would say “I would like to try that at a small price”. The marketing company play a huge roll in that commercial. Moreover, the marketing company is very optimistic about millions of people nationwide seeing this commercial then coming to visit a McDonalds near them.
However years ago, McDonalds marketing department hired a graphic design team to make flyers for McDonalds which were hand delivered to each person they came in contact with. Fast forwarding to the the world we live in now, McDonalds marketing team created an avenue for the customer to order online.
If I was a manager, I would put a positive foot forward knowing that the McDonalds marketing team would be a big help in my success because I am a part of the team. As a leader I would pitch in on ideas on how to make the company grow. I would say one way to make the company grow is by making the food fresh and accurate. Another way the marketing would help me as a manager is by educating new hires on polices, procedures, and maintaining a safe work environment prior to their employment.
Being a McDonalds manager I would wear the logo everywhere I go with the logo of the letter “M” and a huge burger and fries on the back. When people see me they will want McDonalds food.
The challenges that I may face are that there maybe some long wait times and inaccurate orders. But to solve that situation , I would have to hire more fast and proficient employees; or perhaps previous employees for history of accuracy.
McDonalds gives back to the community by having the donation box at the register for people to donate to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As for the employees, McDonalds is paying for them to go to college but not limited to employees getting scholarships.
The President and the Chief Executive Officer is Chris Kempczinsk. Mr Kempczinsk ensures that the company values are first. He has more than 25 years of experience in working with premier global consumer companies like Proctor and Gamble and the Pepsi. company. the mission statement for McDonalds is: to make delicious feel good moments easy for everyone.