Please respond to post: Hello Fellow Classmates and Professor Nolan, 1a. Objecti

Please respond to post:
Hello Fellow Classmates and Professor Nolan,
1a. Objectives from this course is going to teach each of us the proper way to make decisions for marketing as well in management. Making sure we learn of the marketing strategies and product life so that we can apply them in ways to help with the market. Being able to help with solutions that involve legal and ethical. Teaching us that in marketing we must make sure that all demographics, economic, political, and cultural is considered when trying to factor into the market. Using critical thinking for business making sure that all areas have been considered.
1b. There are a lot of risk when someone has not learned these very important steps so they can know what they need to know to make proper decisions. Not knowing the demographic, political, and economic factors for the market. If we don’t know what affects the market how can we make marketing decisions without learning course objectives.
2. The company I picked that give back to society in more than one way is Toms the shoe company. One of the ways they give is through communities for unique cash grants for improvement to the community. Different communities are picked to receive the cash grant. Then there is also the other give back which is all about making sure we recycle and making the world a better place for all of us to live. Making sure that all products that are made by the Toms company is all natural and will not hurt or harm planet in the process of being made.
3. The product that I would change Nike. Nike position in the life cycle is the growth cycle. I was able to find a list of executives, but I couldn’t mission statement for either executive. Phillip H. Knight is chairman emeritus, Mark Parker executive chairman, John Donahoe president and CEO are the list of executives that on the Nike website.
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