Please be informed that this is my second time asking for the same literature re

Please be informed that this is my second time asking for the same literature review to be written! I didn’t like the first writing so I ended the contract, please pay attention to the instructions below!
I will attach synopsis page which was done by me to explain everything about the project!
The project will be regarding the project failure in oil and gas industry and its impact on the global market. First of all, I need you to write me a literature review of how this topic is important to be discussed and searched about! Then, write me the main project failure factors in oil and gas industry and explain each one of them simultaneously write me (25-30 questions that can be used in online survey which mostly can be related to agree, disagree, etc). Second of all, highlight how the COVID 19 affected the oil and gas industry and what projects failed due to it, and try to tie it up with the global market. Not to mention, one case study should be highlighted and everything important related to this case study should be discussed in the paragraph. Thirdly, mention how this can be solved using the main objective pf the project and if you have something in your mind that should be included please do so. Fourthly, try to define the main think should be discussed in the literature.
The citation should be in Harvard style and all of the references should be one page and anything taken from the references should be cited and avoid copying and paste. Other than that, the citation should be only journals and books!
So what Im looking for is survey questions (25-30 on the last pages which around two pages!)
And literature review around 10-11 pages and if any pages needed let me know, please don’t hesitate to contact me cause I don’t want any confusion like last time. Keep in mind if I liked you writing techniques, I might choose you for the next parts of the project.