PLAN IMPLEMENTATION Mitigation plans Prior to an event What steps can be taken p

Mitigation plans
Prior to an event
What steps can be taken prior to an event or prior to testing of DR/BC tactics to minimize any loss of business continuity?
During an event
Once a “jeopardy” situation has arisen, whether unintentionally caused by normal business activity or caused by a manmade or natural event, describe the steps that should be taken to control the situation.
After an event
After the event has ended, what are the steps and actions that must be taken, and how do you learn from this event to prevent reoccurrences?
Research, identify, and document the various policies and procedures that need to be considered for inclusion in a DR/BC Plan.
Who will be responsible for writing these procedures and policies?
What approvals are required for such procedures and policies?
What training is required? Consider the following groupings at a minimum:
DR/BC team
Middle managers
Department heads
Emergency response team
Research and define the emergency response team as it pertains to your company.
Who should be included?
What roles do they play?
What are their responsibilities?
What triggers the ERT going into action?
Compose a section in your DR/BC document that addresses the following:
What could have been done to avoid this failure situation
What to do during the event, including who to contact and when
What to do after the event and systems have been restored
Compose a section on what must be done to maintain this DR/BC Plan in a satisfactory state of readiness.
Describe how a DR/BC audit might be conducted, by whom, for what purpose, and how frequently.