Part 1: Complete Week 5 Discussion. Week 5 covers Chapter 5 Creating Effective B

Part 1: Complete Week 5 Discussion. Week 5 covers Chapter 5 Creating Effective Business Messages. Answer the questions as a discussion post. The discussion must be engaging. This assignment is a minimum of 250 words. Grammar, spelling, and context will be graded.
What are the goals of effective business messages and the process of creating them?
How does gathering the right information and refining business ideas in the AIM planning process help you
How can a positive and other-oriented tone be effective in business messages?
Part 2: Respond to 2 of your classmates with a minimum of 1 paragraph (5-7) sentences minimum on their discussion. Grammar, spelling, and context will be graded.
Respond to this classmate:
Creating effective business messages involves three stages plan, write, and review. These three stages have goals. The goal for planning is to get the content right. The goal for writing is to get the delivery right, and the goal for reviewing is to double-check everything. The process of creating them involves going through the steps. these steps are not linear and at times they will overlap.
The AIM process helps you focus on the audience as you are composing your communication. That focus will lead to a better communication experience. The AIM planning process focuses on three areas: Audience analysis, Information gathering; and Message development. This process helps you think about the audience’s needs and values. The five components for audience analysis help identify the constraints and benefits of readers, consider their values, estimate the credibility of the composer, and anticipate the readers reaction to my communication. and consider the secondary audience that might see the communication.
After considering these things, the information gathering stage is next. The information gathering stage identifies the problem, analyzes the problem, and clarifies the problem. In the last stage you frame the primary message and set up the structure and logic message. Following these steps helps to connect with the audience and organize the information.
The tone of a conversation determines if the communication channel continues. A positive and other-oriented tone can affect your business messages. Demonstrating positivity and showing concern to others are principles for setting the right tone. Being other-oriented, sensitive to and understanding of others, and considering your tone will improve your communication skills.