Overview Completing this Case Study Assignment will prepare you for the tasks an

Completing this Case Study Assignment will prepare you for the tasks and strategic management processes you will be expected to be able to do in your professional career. Using the textbook, appendices, or other publicly traded company examples, you will be able to identify problems and recommend solutions and plans to remedy the company’s strategic management problems.
To complete the case assignments for the class and modules use the following template as a guide for completion:
The first portion of the case response is an executive summary, which is about one (1) page that explains the problem statement, alternative solutions, ideal solutions, and recommendations/timeline. It is the introduction for the case response. Do not retell the case. You can presume the reader has already done so and is completely familiar with the company. In this way you can be direct in your responses and find solutions to remedy matters related to what you are learning in Strategic management.
Problem statement is 1-2 sentences to explain in simple terms what the problem is.
The alternative solutions should each be able to solve the problem. Three to four (3-4) alternatives should be developed in order to build support for ways to solve the problem. This should be about two (2) pages.
Ideal solution is typically (½) to one (1) page depending on how much detail you used developing the alternative solutions.
Recommendations and timeline is approximately one (1) page that includes a detail synopsis of how the plan will be implemented to make the situation better. Bullet points, graph or other template can be used to visually depict the way this can be implemented. It is very important to be time specific in the timeline for implementation.
The case response should be five (5) pages or more as needed double spaced in 12 “readable” font and you should source references and concepts learned in the class and/or modules to support your points. You may also use the SWOT framework for analysis for discussion but still develop an executive summary, problem statement, recommendations and timeline. Cases should be used from the text, appendices or other public traded companies in order to gather information necessary to complete the analysis using strategic analysis concepts.
You should also refer to the case analysis rubric below for detailed requirements.