orking and making money are often at the forefront of Americans’ minds. For many

orking and making money are often at the forefront of Americans’ minds. For many, the wages they earn are the driving force in their decision-making. Take a moment to skim through the sample articles and op-ed essays, then write your own essay in response to the following:
Some argue that raising the federal minimum wage will not only provide crucial financial support for workers but also boost worker moral. However, others believe that if the federal minimum wage is raised, employers will not hire as many workers, and consumer prices will increase to compensate for the additional payroll. Argue in favor of, or against, the raising of the federal minimum wage.
Your essay should take a position on the issue, and argue that position, drawing upon appropriate source materials for support.
1. minimum length: 600 words
2. an original title
3. minimum of 5 paragraphs, all of which are approximately the same length
4. a clear and specific thesis statement in which your argument is stated
5. clear and specific details which demonstrate and prove the thesis statement
6. 3rd person only; no 1st person (I, me, my, we, us, our) or 2nd person (you)
7. 3 internal citations, can be a combination of quotes, paraphrase, or summary; ***NO MORE THAN 3 DIRECT QUOTES
8. at least 2 sources must be cited within the paper
9. Works Cited page—those sources used in the essay must be documented on a separate Works Cited page
10. No outside sources allowed—only the sources provided