Lady name is Aileen Wournos 1. Identify and present significance of A.childhoo

Lady name is
Aileen Wournos
1. Identify and present significance of
B. Late adolescence
C. Early 20,s
D. Family influence
2. Diagnosis/treatment
3. Substance Abuse/ alcohol involved?
4. The infamous Act/ Traumatic event/ crime
5. Incarceration/ jail where?
6. Death or current circumstances
7. How are all the above events tied together?
8. How do the effects of an underlying ( often untreated) mental illness contribute to a Human Being’s demise
9. What characteristics of a serial killer do you see in your criminal? List these here. ( Antisocial behavior,Arson, Torturing small animals,Poor family life, Childhood Abuse, Substance abuse, Voyeurism, intelligence ( high or low) Shiftlessness
10. Where could health care personnel teachers have inverted in this towels life to prevent this tragedy if it were now? Paragraph of your opinion.
11. Wanted poster (like in the old west )To show you may be present to class.
12. Choose three priority (3 part) mental health nursing diagnosis. The nursing care plan should include (4)
What the diagnosis is related to
Evidence that supports the choice of mental health nursing diagnosis
Planned outcome that are patient centered SMART
Nursing interventions that are evidence-based and include rationale
How will you evaluate the facts of the plan include evaluation tool or Rubric
Hint see varcarolis or ACKLEY care plan book
13. At least three references citation in APA format seven