Introductory course focusing on multiculturalism as a major paradigm looking at

Introductory course focusing on multiculturalism as a major paradigm looking at psychological processes from the individual to the world. The world is extremely diverse, and the US is reflective of world cultures merging, cohabitating, and forming new cultures in the reality of globalism. Emphasizes the meaning of multiculturalism, diversity, and associated principles, concepts, and sociocultural factors. Some ideas to keep in mind throughout:
What results from diversity?
How do people’s perceptions impact human, group, national, global development?
How does race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion influence individuals?
How is diversity related to mental health, health, perceptions of fairness and justice?
he final paper will consist of you writing an analysis of where you evaluate the state of “racial relations” in the US is right now. YOU have to use the information you have at hand online, including the use of the academic data bases of the University Libraries. This information has to be primarily research based, yet you may also integrate other sources that are EVIDENCE BASED. Evidence based sources may be investigative reporting, organizations that produce material on statistics with different groups (NAACP, ADL, etc.). YOU have to provide me your “professional opinion” (what you glean from researching, reading, video, etc. at the analytical and synthetical level you find yourself in).
Grading will be based on your using research/evidence based resources to provide a cogent written evaluation that follows APA Guidelines. Please refer to the Grading Rubric for further explication of how you will be graded.
Assignment Requirements:
3000 words-please make it concise