Introduction For this assignment, you will develop an English Language Developm

For this assignment, you will develop an English Language Development Lesson Plan for a chosen Content Area (English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science or other).
Assignment Instructions
After selecting a grade level, subject, and standard(s) to focus on, you will design and implement a variety of instructional strategies to teach your lesson and develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for your English Language Learners.
You will select one or more WIDA levels of proficiency for your fictional English language Learners.
You will infuse their lesson plan with technology, cooperative learning, and make sure to make it culturally relevant.
In addition to completing the attached Lesson Plan Template you may include examples of activities.
You will also develop formative and summative assessments for your Lesson Plan.
Step by Step Assignment Instructions:
Using the English Language Development (ELD) Lesson Plan template provided, develop a lesson plan and modify it to accommodate English Language Learners.
Focus on one particular lesson, for example, teaching “the water cycle” in one class period.
Complete the Introduction.
Choose at least one WIDA level of proficiency to address during this lesson.
List the Florida standards applicable to this lesson plan.
Check all WIDA Standards that apply.
Create Content Objectives.
Create Language Objectives for all four domains for your chosen WIDA levels.
List Materials and Technology. You must infuse your lesson with technology.
List important vocabulary to pre-teach.
Complete the implementation section. Make sure to make a cultural connection!
Identify at all ESOL Strategies used.
Check all the grouping options used. Must have at least one form of Cooperative Learning.
Check the 21st Century Skills used.
Identify Formative and Summative Assessments for Content & Language Objectives.
Briefly explain how you would teach this lesson in a different way to any students who did not master the learning outcomes the first time.
Module 5 Assignment Resources:
Follow all instructions listed above.
Must use the templete attached to submit assignment.